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The Kingdom Of The Beast

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

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And Learn Of End Times Events, 1998                                                        

Prophecy Links

-A Voice Declaring: "Two weeks and seven years," a divine countdown, unto the fulfillment of all things biblical and prophetic again on the map 07/29/2008 (see Russia and Georgia, a prelude to end time world wars)

How and Why Russia Is Moving to a War Footing

      -What we are seeing today are the results of a series of policies and reforms that were instigated initially in the wake of the Russo-Georgia war in 2008 and subsequently accelerated in the wake of the so-called Arab Spring. Article...

      -For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.” Rev. 17:17

One Hour With The Beast

      -In The year 2008, I was sitting like a world leader across from then Senator Obama, whereas soon Holy Spirits described him as, and I quote, "The One." Soon Senator Obama 2008, began explaining how he had such the affinity for the people, how he was so good and perfect for them; I should watch his itinerary as this single proof. I’ve since had two separate dreams one about President Obama, the other about First Lady Obama they were both about the street Dunlap, where I witness America’s first manic stampede and exodus. Days later again, then Senator Obama, in real time, I witness him go on to meet with then Britain and France leaders.
    -Though I can't recall if this was before I saw those two beast rise, one from land, one from sea, 2008, on to debates about Hussein filling stations, American soil, and just this outbreak of troubles, see Rev. 13, 14, as John witness something similar. One demon beast from land represented the false prophet, and another from sea, the anti-Christ himself. or vice versa, a blackness, inconceivable even if for a short space, hath reign. 
      -This I do remember, I had more dreams and demonstrations regarding the rise of the antichrist, and these beast 2008, than at any time ever the thirty years I’ve been in prophetic ministry. That once he became President Obama, I heard a time table, and I quote, of "two weeks and seven years," again 2008, all now expired, admittedly of the 190 months, 15.10 years timetable, Judgment already given, 2001. The Angel Gabriel appearing 2004, declaring this mankind, those of all biblical prophecy fulfillment, I think we're beginning to see, what it is He meant. This is Jesus forewarning, for when you begin to see, all I just described here, we’re to run, for it is nothing less than the end time abomination that maketh Christendom/Mass Assembly desolate, Awake! Be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM,

      -The most important articles, Obama’s America, Netanyahu's Israel, Assad’s Syria, Putin’s Russia, and a voice crying aloud, “don’t touch Geneva,” all these prophetic roads lead to the finale of the Prophet's Daniel's week of years/Jacob’s troubles, and Jesus' Millennium reign immediate to follow, see more here, and

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